PC Surveillance offers construction CCTV cameras of the highest quality with 1, 3, and 5 megapixel options.

CCTV images appear clear, with an incredible level of detail, whether it is in real time, time lapse, or just a single promotional photo.

Our cameras are completely weatherproof, some do not even require heaters/blowers – they have been tested in the harshest of environments from tropical islands to Antarctica!

These systems operate as standalone cameras, PC and DVR optional.

View your feeds online, on your phone, and on screen.

Your Construction CCTV system from PC Surveillance is easily expandable, add a weather module for example and easily add real time barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity on screen with your views.

One camera construction CCTV systems are very common, but as your project grows additional cameras are easily added with a PC Surveillance system, our networks are designed to scalable and secure.



Star-Dot Cameras come packed with a variety of ports, installation is made easy!

No software required Built in web server!

Weatherproof, no heater/blower required for temperatures as low as -40 and as high as 120 degrees!

Live Demo 640

Live Demo 1 Mega-Pixel

Live Demo 3 Mega-Pixel








Time Lapse and Live Viewing supported on the following platforms: